Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I have been thinking this week about my New Years Resolutions.
Some are the same as many of us have. I want to lose weight, exercise more, save money, become healthier. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I say these every year and I will say them again this year too.

2008 was so hectic with Alan’s health issues that I let a lot of the “for me” things go by the wayside.

I have been browsing the ladies of SCS Blog group #7 sites and just think “I want to have all sorts of pretty cards posted”.
That is my resolution!

For 2009 I will post some sort of finished project on my blog each week. Sometimes it may be something my Sister or Mom did if I am having a crafters block or they did something really cool. Sometimes it may be something I am doing for a swap or maybe just because I felt the urge to cut, stamp and glue. Whatever it may be I hope all my visitors enjoy what I do because the time spent crafting is always a good time.

I wish for everyone a safe and properous New Year and lots of time for crafting.


  1. ...and I can't wait to see all your cards you post!!!

  2. Hey Kitty, Thanks for sharing your resolutions. You can do it!! Happy New Year! Julie

  3. Great resolutions kitty! I wish you all the best of luck in them. I know what you mean but, at least we can try right? LOL Happy New Year's to you!!

  4. Happy New Year to you Kitty. Yes I pretty much have the same resolutions as you and guess mine are the same each year too. I look forward to seeing your work this year.

  5. Hi Kitty,

    I'll resolute with you because my resolutions are pretty much the same as yours. Let's do more cards!!!

  6. Happy New Year Kitty. Yep, my resolutions are usually the same every year. This year, I am determined to organise my time better. We'll see, usually something happens, not of my making and out the window my time goes. lol

  7. Whoo whoo! I wish you well on your resolutions - looking forward to seeing all your lovely cards.

  8. Hi Kitty, what a great resolution! Hopefully you have a ton of fun keeping it. :) I look forward to seeing the neat stuff you create!


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