Saturday, December 20, 2008

We are home

Well it has been a very eventful week. The title says it all. Alan and I came home on Thursday - 10 days after transplant. He is doing wonderfully well. I think he was doing so well and aggravating everyone that they kicked him out. LOL

WE had the first Biopsy on the new heart on Wednesday before we left - got the call Friday that everything is A-OK. We go back in on Tuesday for the next biopsy and then the Monday following. Every week for the next 6 months we have to either go for blood work or biopsy's. Then we can start to taper off. Luckily when it is just a blood work week we can have that done here and not have to drive 2+ hours to the hospital.

I am looking at the hospital trips as little get aways with my honey - We have to be there at 7am so we are going to go up the night before and stay at a hotel.

It has been a little weird adjusting to a silent Alan. In case you wonder about that statement when he had the LVAD there was a continous pumping going on which you could hear from a ways away. Upside is that I don't have to have the TV quite so loud.

Well I am feeling decidely crafty today. Spent today doing some splitcoast surfing. joined a swap and the joined a blogger group. See my new blogger friends blogs. i haven't made it all the way through but what I have seen there are some very talented people out there. Only hope my little creations will stand up. But hey I enjoy it so that is what matters.

Well off to craft and maybe tomorrow I will have pictures to post.


  1. Hi Kitty, I am so happy to hear that Alan is doing so well after his transplant - thank goodness for the wonderful technology and the generosity of organ donors! I am part of the #7 SCS Bloggers list so will be back to see more of your blog!

  2. Hi is so nice to meet you! I will keep you ahd Alan in my prayers! Looking forward to some more blogging.

  3. Wonderful news kitty. Thanks for the update. I hope alan was able to enjoy a nice Christmas day as well with the family.


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