Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where has the weekend gone?

Wow it is Sunday night and I have accomplished nothing this weekend. I vegged most of the weekend with my hubby and puppies. I think the cold finally got to me and i just wanted to stay snuggled down where it was warm.

To my blogging group Sorry i didn't get to everyone blog this week. I was actually steady busy at work and could not surf the way I have been :-) Oh well there is always next week.

I am going to put the last few hours of my weekend to good use. I have an SCS Swap to finish, 2 loads of clothes to dry and fold and then I am going to brainstorm on a business idea I am having. Like everyone funds are tight and with Meds for Alan over $400 a month takes a bite out of our budget - looking for a way to help out with that.

Until next time
Happy Stamping


  1. Hiya Kitty!

    No need to apologise for not getting around to everyones blog this week! I'm sure we're all gonna have weeks where time just doesnt allow! I for one am totally ok with it! lol

    Stay warm!


  2. Kitty...I think it is great that you just relaxed for most of your weekend. This is the perfect weather for that. Laundry is always there :)

  3. Don't feel bad Kitty. I vegged this weekend also. Enjoy it.

  4. We've missed you Kitty, but completely understand that sometimes life just gets in the way of our fun. I love having weekends that are productive, but also love my down time. Good luck with your new business idea!!

  5. Hi Kitty, Sometimes it is good for one to just vege out. You come back invigorated and rearing to go! I hope your business idea runs well for you.

  6. Hey Kitty! Sometimes you just need the rest! Enjoy!


  7. Hi Kitty!
    I did just that too this weekend. Sometimes we need that to just sit back and kick off our shoes and do nothing. I hope your business adventure takes off for you to help with the cost of medication.

  8. please don't worry about the blurfing thing, everyone is busy....I have said a prayer for you and your business idea, may God meet all your needs! *~*


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