Friday, March 27, 2009

Buzzin By

Hi all,
Life has been hectic for the last month or so. I have failed miserably on my New Years resolution.
Before anyone wonders my husband is fine. He new heart is just ticking along and they are reducing his medicine each trip to UVA in Charlottesville.

Mostly it has been me. Between work and the stress of wondering if I will have a job each day and then a lazy 26 year old stepson who just want to live off of his dad and I . I just have been totally away from any me time.

This is hopefully changing soon. I am moving the step-son out of the big sunny guest room and moving him to our small office and taking the room back over for ME!! It is suppose to be rainy this weekend which sounds like - TIME TO MOVE FURNITURE weather:-)

It is amazing that when you do not have one dedicated space you seem to acquire a lot of STUFF. I am sorting as I am moving and will be participating in a yard sale at a local scrapping store next month. From the looks of things I could really be coming into the money LOL.

Last weekend my ma, sister and I had a girls 1/2 day. We got up early Sunday morning and drove up to Fredericksburg. My sister had never been to an AC Moore so it was a treat for her. Her birthday is this coming week so Ma and I surprised her with some extra spending money. It didn't last long. We then stopped at a new Joanne's they have up there. OH MY !!! We wanted to spend the whole day there. It was way more than the dinky ones we have here.

We have spent the week teasing my dad about it so on ma and dad's way home from Ohio this weekend I think he is making a detour. I think I may have mentioned my dad is a ribbon-a-holic. Well he is in therapy for that but now has developed another addiction. It is called "Clear Stamps". This is one addiction we will not get him into therapy for :-). He has really good taste.

Well take this as a sign I am back and I am going to be making up for lost time. I have missed some challenges for my blog group and I have to plan the one I am hosting in April.

Until next time
Happy Stamping
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  1. Hey Kitty - it was wonderful to hear you're back. I didn't know your husband had been sick and pray for his continued good health. It sounds like you've been very busy and am happy to see that you're going to get a place of your own to create. Sounds like you, your ma and sister had a great day - it's always fun when I do that with my sisters & momma when I visit them. I loved the story about your dad - when my momma saw clear stamps for the first time, I thought she was going to cry with so much excitement :) she loves them. Glad to see you and can't wait to talk with you again soon.

  2. Cute card! sounds like you've had some busy family time but, I'm glad to see you back and so happy that your husband is doing well. = )
    have a good wknd kitty!

  3. I am glad to here your husband is doing well, I luv the bg of this card...the adorable! *~*

  4. cute card, glad to see you back. even more glad hubby is good. hope things get better on the home front soon.


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