Monday, March 30, 2009

What a mess!

When I get home tonight I am going to post some pictures on how men think they should move stuff from one room to another. This weekend we got my stepson moved to the smaller room. Unfortunatly, as I see now, I had to leave for a while and leave them to do the moving My soon to be craft room is a total and complete shambles. Rather than placing things on the side of the room that is not going to be the crafting area so that I can build and re-arrange things as I sort. Nope they just moved it all into the center of the room.

Now keep in mind that they just moved everything from the small room into the big room. I sorted through several boxes and only about 1/4 of one box was mine. All the rest belonged to my husband. mmmmm it seems a lot of stuff he has been "missing" has been sitting in boxes in "his" office but he never searched through any of them convinced that all the stuff in there was mine.

My mom has given me the goal to have it all set up and ready to go when she gets back from England mid-May. My goal is to have it good to go by the time we participate in the craft yardsale on April 18.

Wish me luck !!!

Until next time
Happy Stamping

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  1. Good luck Kitty, hope you get everything sorted.


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